Exceptional Javascript Learning Resources

Mastering Javascript is something I’ve set out to do. Truth be told, it’s a weird language. When I encounter a resource that elucidates in an exemplary fashion, I feel great gratitude. I’m compiling a list of articles and resources here that do an extraordinary job at explaining Javascript programming topics.

Understanding scope

This is the clearest tutorial on scope, contexts and the this variable that I have read.
Binding Scope in Javascript

Learning Regex

Regular expressions are used in many languages and mastering it is incredibly useful. When I first started, it was very confusing to me. This site is fantastic at helping one understand regex.
Regex 101

Javascript/jQuery Design Patterns

Learning Javascript Design Patterns is a book by Addy Osmani, who produces outstanding learning materials. The unbelievable part is that the book can be had free.

Learning Javascript Design Patterns

Javascript Video Resources

A fantastic curated list of the best video presentations on Javascript

Must Watch Javascript Videos

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