My NBA Season 2015-2016 Predictions

Just for fun!

Rookie of the Year: Emmanuel Mudiay

MVP: Harden

Finals: Warriors – Bulls, Warriors win

Standings prediction:

  1. Warriors
    63 wins. Same team as last year, when they were far and away the best team. All of their young core players now have championship experience
  2. Oklahoma
    60 wins. A fresh coaching philosophy to go with 2 top five players, Ibaka’s defensive anchoring and decent role players should guarantee a Western Conference finals spot
  3. Clippers
    59 wins. On paper, the best team. They have the most productive players in the league at three positions and a deep bench. Chemistry will prevent them from winning
  4. Memphis
    57 wins. Good roster additions and when healthy one of the toughest teams in the league
  5. Rockets
    57 wins. Super deep but no signs that the star players will mesh in a way that makes the whole more than just their parts combined.
  6. Spurs
    54 wins. The best coached team in the league, but will drop off due to poor point guard play, age decline. Aldridge doesn’t amplify what the Spurs do best.
  7. Chicago
    58 wins. A well-coached team, with a very deep line up and the offense to make it work
  8. Cavaliers
    50 wins. I don’t think they’ll be healthy at the start or end of the season. Kevin Love adds as much as he takes away. They succeeded last year through pure will, gutsy play from role players who won’t be on the floor if Irving and Love are playing.
  9. Pelicans
    44 wins. A lot of injury concerns, but the best player in the league can carry them
  10. Hawks
    49 wins. An efficient well-coordinated machine. Not sure if Korver can replicate past successes and will there be friction around Schroeder’s ambitions and the team.
  11. Heat
    48 wins. A dangerous team but there’s not a lot of 3pt scoring and we’ve no idea how the starting 5 gels because they haven’t played together. Feels like a mish mash of some very good pieces.
  12. Wizards
    48 wins. Elite play in the backcourt, solid front court and interesting depth.
  13. Bucks
    47 wins. Offensive upgrades, defensive downgrades should land them around .500 and perhaps even more in the East
  14. Celtics
    45 wins. Excellent coaching, but the roster features no remarkable players, there’s only so much you can do with non-allstar level players. And that ceiling has to be lower than what the Hawks achieved with 4.
  15. Raptors
    44 wins. Firmly belong in the good but not great category
  16. Suns
    42 wins. Well coached, competitive, decent roster but no reason to think they will be any more than an 8 seed
  17. Pistons
    42 wins. Van Gundy can take this squad to the playoffs with a roster complimenting Drummond’s play. But their point guards are iffy and Drummond does not appear to have the kind of hard core determination you see in elite caliber players.
  18. Kings
    42 wins. They will compete almost every night and have a lot of talent, they are only low because of combustibility in their roster makeup.
  19. Pacers
    35 wins. One of the best coaches in the league will get a lot out of any collection of players and Paul George looks good
  20. Timberwolves
    35 wins. Loaded with young talent and some veteran leadership is present as well
  21. Utah
    34 wins. Overrated at this point
  22. Mavericks
    32 wins. Pretty weak roster but enough talent and coaching to get 30+ wins. I predict Deron Williams will be yet another player that didn’t pan out.
  23. Magic
    27 wins. Talented young players that will compete but not be efficient
  24. Denver
    26 wins. Potential rookie of the year candidate, in form Gallinari and improved chemistry with better coach and departure Lawson. Lot of bad teams to run off the court.
  25. Portland
    24 wins. Lillard will be in hero mode almost all the time. That doesn’t win games in today’s NBA
  26. Lakers
    23 wins. So many inefficient shots await them
  27. Nets
    23 wins. Will win some with strong center play out of Lopez
  28. Knicks
    22 wins. Destined to be bad
  29. Hornets
    22 wins. Mediocrity
  30. Sixers
    18 wins. Meh. Excited to see Okafor play.

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