Why Does Kevin Love Not Improve The Timberwolves Record?

There are few players that can stuff a box score like Kevin Love can. He may go down as the best rebounder in NBA history. He can also shoot threes. Last year he sported a PER of 25.41. A talent like that doesn’t come by often, but why on earth doesn’t his team have a better record?

He’s publicly questioned the organisation for the way it has managed the team, but if you look at the roster now, he’s surrounded by talent. You get the impression that he’s putting the blame on the management. They are a lot better on paper than their record shows. If you have a superstar on your team, you should be winning games on sheer talent alone. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with Kevin Love.

Compare him to an all-time great, another legendary rebounder. In all of Charles Barkley’s seasons with the Sixers, he only failed to make the playoffs once (his final year). Hersey Hawkins was the second best player on the team, which says it all. Kevin Love has missed the playoffs every year of his career so far. And now he’s got incredible talent around him.

Since Love’s return from injury, they have gone 8-8, a .500 team. The thing is, they were playing like a .500 team before he returned (going 6-6). While it’s a small sample size, the fact remains that on paper, he hasn’t added wins.

When the Bulls get Derrick Rose back (and his health is good), their win record will go up, it’s just a given. The difference will be palpable. How come Love, who puts up superstar numbers, doesn’t make the same impact?

I don’t know why. I do know that it confounds me. And it makes Kevin Love’s public complaints sound unbecoming of a superstar basketball talent.

I like the Wolves roster and I think they should move Kevin Love. It’s not like he’s going to sign a a new contract anyway. They have so many good pieces, Shved, Pekovic, Rubio, Kirilenko, all of which are great team players. Just need a good replacement at power forward, someone like Horford, Josh Smith, Aldridge or even Demarcus Cousins.

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