WordPress In 2014, Predictions and Frictions

January is always a good time to think forward and I thought I’d put down some thoughts around where I think the WordPress’s products space might be headed. What makes my particular take interesting? Well, I’ve think I’ve started to pick up on a few things that haven’t been talked about too much. Mobile It […]

Time Tracking and Application Usage Trackers

I was looking at the current state of the market for tools that let you analyze how you’re tracking your time while at your workstation/computer. I’m not talking about general purpose timers, but specifically tools that monitor how long you’re using certain applications and websites in order to build an automated picture of how time […]

Why I Don’t Like Child Themes [WordPress]

When working with WordPress themes, child themes are the promoted way of making┬ácustomizations to a theme. The logic is pretty simple on paper, the child theme inherits all the functions and styles of the parent theme, but you are now able to overwrite anything you like with your own CSS and add your own template […]

Is WordPress Falling Behind? Don’t Believe the Hype

WordPress is the leading CMS on the web today, powering 1 in every 5 websites on the web according to some sources. It has become the incumbent and with that comes a truckload of daily criticism. Outsiders mock the code, or the alleged lack of security, the performance, how it is a terrible choice for […]

Exceptional Javascript Learning Resources

Mastering Javascript is something I’ve set out to do. Truth be told, it’s a weird language. When I encounter a resource that elucidates in an exemplary fashion, I feel great gratitude. I’m compiling a list of articles and resources here that do an extraordinary job at explaining Javascript programming topics. Understanding scope This is the […]

Webbased Book Writing & Book Publishing Tools

* This post is being regularly updated as I try different services and spot new ones. Information may be incomplete * This is a list of tools I’ve encountered that let you write and (self) publish books. I’m paying special interest to tools that may offer collaborative editing, can export to various formats and offer […]

A Personal Note as WordPress Celebrates 10 Years

WordPress is ten years old. It’s been wildly successful and that’s putting it mildly. To celebrate, MarketPress released an interesting infographic. I think the most amazing figure mentioned here is the amount of code that has gone into WordPress. It’s over 200 thousand lines, which they estimate to equate to about 52 years worth of […]

Differences between using get_post() and WP_Query()

WordPress gives developers a number of ways to grab post content from the database. A lot has been written about the differences between using query_posts(), get_posts() and WP_Query, with WP_query being generally favored in most situations. But there is another method called get_post() which can fetch content for a single post, page or custom post […]